Skill Development & Management Programs (Sdmp)

Setp Is A Giant Step Of Inspire India Exclusively Intended To Enhance Skills Of School And Colleges. The Setp Aims To Discover And Enhance Various Skills At All Dimension.  Step Ensures The Improvement In Skills Of Intra And Inter Personal Communication, Presentation Skills, Building Diplomacy, People Management, Stage Skills. The Outcome Of The Setp Is To Help The Scholar To Find And Develop All Skills Embedded In Him Or Her. 

Soft Skill &Personality Development Program (Sspdp)

Sspdpis A Contemporary Relevant Initiative Of Inspire India Uniquelyenvisioned To Acquire And Developvarious Soft Skills. The Program Also Aims To Enhance The Personality Traits Which Societally Significant Nowadays. Outcome What Inspire India Expect Form The Sspdp Is The Improvement In The Different Soft Skills Like Communication, Time Management, Network Building, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Adaptability, Leadership Skills Etc.  

Out-Bound Training Program (Obt)

Obt Is An Innovative Approach Mostly Filled With Outdoor Nature-Based Activities To In Developing The Team Building, Interpersonal Communication, Experimental Learning, Confidence Building, Planning, Time Management, Motivation Etc. Obt Is Exclusively Designed With Outdoor Games And Activities In Order To Develop Predetermined Goals. Obt Will Enable The Participant To Develop Team Spirit, Confidence, Interpersonal Communication Confidence And Motivation.

Inspiration And Motivation Building Program (Imbp)

Imbp Is A Program Enable The Participant To Get Motivated And Inspired. The Expert Activities And Lectures And Experience Sharing Of The Imbp Would Enable The Participant Develop Motivation And Inspiration To Drive Towards The Goals Successfully. Ignited Mind With Intensely Inspiration And Motivation Is The Expected Outcome Of Imbp

Career Counselling & Management (Ccm)    

Career Selection Is Most Important Decision Should Be Performed Based On Certain Criteria Like Skills, Availability, Financial Status, Physical Conditions Etc.Ccm Is The Program Envisioned To Help The Participant In The Accurate Career Selection Based On The Scientific Career Test And Evaluation By Experts. The Program Of Ccm Ensure The Participant To Select His /Her Career, Course, Institution Based On The Skills And Other Determining Factors. The Ccm Ensure The Participant To Evaluate His /Her Skills Scientifically Before The Life Changing Career Selection. The Ccm Help The Participants To Consider Many Factors Like Health And Physical Condition, Emotional Strength And Course Availability Etc. Before The Career Selection.